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Supporting education, income, and health.



Education is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. It also benefits the whole community: high school graduates have higher earning potential, contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate on time.



When people are able to find decent jobs, provide for their families and save for the future, they and their children are more likely to enjoy healthy lives and succeed in school. Everyone benefits, because financially stable individuals and families lead to a more competitive workforce and a stronger community.




Good health is both a community responsibility and a community benefit: It goes beyond personal diet, exercise and the many other individual choices we make. The foundation for a healthy life is in the neighborhoods we build and environments we inhabit. When people have access to parks, bike paths, safe playgrounds, healthy foods, and good medical care, they are more likely to succeed in school, work and life.




Did you know that your contribution to United Way will stay in the East Mississippi communities to empower families, educate children, and promote health? During last year's campaign, over 3,000 donors from Clarke, Kemper, Lauderdale, and Neshoba Counties came together to help fund 20 agencies in our community! With your generosity, we were able to donate 4,500 FREE books each month through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, saved local families $375,891 with Familywize prescription discount cards, and impacted 7,500 students through the Stuff the Bus School Supply & Uniform Drive to date.

Do you want to be a part of United Way's mission? You can participate by donating as an individual, running a workplace campaign in your business, providing a corporate gift or match, or by multiple sponsorship opportunities.

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THE STAFF AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF UNITED WAY OF EAST MISSISSIPPI take our role as a trusted community leader very seriously. Our high standards of accountability, speak for themselves. United Way of East Mississippi is an independent organization governed by local volunteers to help people in our four county area.

Our checks and balances ensure that we are responsible with your donations. Our operating budget and community investments are reviewed by volunteer communities, including (but not limited to) our board of directors.

The independent CPA firm of Rea Shaw Giffin & Stuart conducts an annual audit of our organization.

We openly provide our donors with information regarding your donations.

Our goal is to continually raise funds for distribution to our partner agencies through the allocation process, and to fund our community impact programs.