Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation, matching local opportunities to serve the community with adults who are 55 and older and willing to help. It links the skills of senior volunteers with identified, critical community needs.

Since 1974, the United Way of East Mississippi has been the sponsoring organization for RSVP, with RSVP serving as a community impact program of United Way. United Way understands that volunteers can have critical roles in strengthening our community and helping agencies meet vital needs. RSVP volunteers allow partnering agencies to expand their service capacity.

At the same time, RSVP provides senior volunteers opportunities to share their knowledge and experience that has been gained over the years, which benefits the agencies and the community, and also results in our seniors being valued and enjoying a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of the volunteers.

Volunteers determine how many hours a week they can or wish to serve. The amount of service can vary from a few hours a month to almost full-time, with four hours a week often being typical, but twelve hours a week is not unusual for some. RSVP volunteers may serve as museum or hospital docents, serve as greeters and/or registration assistants, help people recover from natural disasters, serve meals and/or check on those unable to leave their homes, and in numerous other capacities.

RSVP volunteers do not receive any monetary incentive or stipend, but they do receive mileage reimbursement, accident, personal liability, and excess automobile insurance, as well as community recognition. Some agencies that utilize the volunteers may also provide meals or cover incidental costs.

More information will be provided on this site in the future (Volunteer Application form is available by clicking HERE), but you may obtain additional information now by calling the RSVP office at 601-482-0512, or by coming to the office to learn about available opportunities.

To provide us with your areas of interests and skills, as well as contact information please use ONE of the following links.

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The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program office is located in the United Way of East Mississippi building at:

4817 North Park Drive, Suite B
Meridian, MS 39305